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Problem page – declarative gives advice to the lexeme ‘wicked’

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Dear declarative

I have unearthed dreadful things when completing my etymology project. It has come as a shock because I have always believed that our ancestry forms our identity. Surely it explains who we are? The elder generation within my lexical line are and were pure evil. There is no other way to define them. They stood next to unspeakable acts, mixed with verbs whose actions were vile, defined the most base of individuals.

I am young, popular and liked. I define emotions and events in a highly positive and lively way. I pride myself in being able to praise, admire and instil confidence in others. Should I reveal or hide our etymology as my siblings develop?

Yours ‘wicked’ lexeme


Dear wicked lexeme

You are fortunate that your meaning has gone through a process of amelioration. This has provided you with the opportunity to change semantically from an extreme negative attitude to a highly positive one. You have the benefit of appealing to youth who often lead language change in our Lingo society. This is something that other negative adjectives may never experience.  

You are such a popular role model in today’s society that your siblings are likely to focus on that rather than the distant past. Choose your time carefully to sit them down and explain in your cool vernacular and no doubt they will be more accepting than you imagine.


Yours declarative