Welcome to new contributors

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2008 at 6:43 pm

There are quite a few new contributors joining and what I’ve done so far is to make everyone an “editor” which means you can all post new material to the blog without it going through the site administrator (me). Hopefully that’s the most straightforward and democratic way of running it.

For anyone new to blogging, we can’t actually host any files here: what we can do is link to other sites and add a few comments about what might be useful about the links (although that’s not absolutely necessary). If you do want to share actual resources beyond links, I have purchased some webspace under a similar name to this blog and we can use that. Just email me if you want some material to go on the site, or if you want help with anything on here.

When you post, there are tags and categories that can be added to help place the different links in the right topic areas. I’ve tried to base the ones posted so far on the categories in the AQA A spec for this unit, but if you think of your own tags, just add them as you see fit.

With a bit of luck we’ll soon have lots of stuff to share and loads of ideas to think about.


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